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Blessing Richard’s Playlist For Conquering The World



I enjoy listening to music anytime. I think more than anything music not only heals the soul it also soothes and offers tranquility. I am not really good with titles of songs, but I can tell the artist behind the song once I listen to the song. So, topping my playlist of songs are:

Lady in red by Chris de Bur
There’s a popular believe that women wearing red send some sought of sexual signals to men, well that might be true but for me this song is more of expressing yourself as a woman beyond limits. Red is a daring colour and it takes a bold and confident woman no matter the skin colour to go all red. It simply shows she’s willing to go for an exciting life, and probably a little flirt that comes with such a dress too.

Lady by Lionel Richie
Every woman wants to feel loved and special and most of Lionel’s song makes any woman feel that way. I think most guys should take a few ques from the lyrics of the song if you really want to understand how women are wired and how we love to feel like we rock your world.

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That Somebody Was You by Kenny G with Toni Braxon
Kenny G’s songs are timeless! They just fit into every century. You hardly get such quality music these days but if you do need some deep soul healing Kenny G is the answer. I like the song particulary with Toni’s distinct voice which added the perfect touch to the song. I like the part that says ‘I’ve been waiting a lifetime for somebody to love me like you do…I was thinking that I’d always be lonely but God came up with someone like you…just to think I had made up my mind that love was over’ Love is never over, you just have to remain positive!

I Look to You by Whitney Houston
I can’t really tell what was going on in Whitney’s mind when she wrote or recorded this. But I can sense that she was in a lot of pain and just needed a way out. At some points in our lives we find ourselves there. And this songs only reminds me that someone else has been there, so I don’t feel alone rather look for a way out, thankfully we have God.

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