8 Things Wedding Planners Wish Naija Brides Will Stop Obsessing About

Brides get worried about a thousand and one things- and rightly so. It’s one the happiest days of theirs lives- of course they want to make it perfect.
However, there are some things that should not really be worried about, but Naija brides just keep obsessing about them. I’ll give you a few;

“What Designer Is That?”
Surprisingly, it’s one of the first questions most brides-to-be ask their stylist when presented with outfit ideas.
Most people never remember or even know who you are wearing at your wedding. They only remember how you look.
If you are on a budget, don’t obsess about buying the right designer shoes so “they won’t laugh at you”. You can look like a dream without wearing the most expensive labels. Even with a limitless budget, you shouldn’t choose an average looking, high-end designer over an absolutely gorgeous piece just because it is not from the right label.

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“Will the Guests Show Up?”
Really ? Nigerians still have the relics of communal living. All you have to do is invite your cousin- she’ll show up with her friend, friend’s sister, and friend’s sister best friend … you get the drift? Stop worrying, your wedding will be filled (to the brim) with lots of families and well-wishers.

“I Want Everyone To Be Satisfied!”
It’s impossible to satisfy everyone. Someone’s bound to get offended about something. It doesn’t matter how much care you put into choosing your menu, there will always be that pesky aunty who will insist that some key items are missing.
No matter how perfect you venue is, there’ll always be a neighbour who totally hated the position she was “made” to sit, hence the venue was a poor choice.
Relax, be considerate in all your plans but don’t delude yourself that you would be able to please everyone!

“What If I Look Horrible?”
Brides regularly obsess about how they would look on their wedding day.
I’ll tell you this for free- most brides look like super models on their wedding day. Reason being that it’s not just about the clothes or the makeup- it’s the joy that shines through! Be happy and you’ll sparkle and shine!

Someone Objecting when the Pastor says “Speak now or forever hold your peace”
Your wedding day is not a Nollywood love movie from the 90s.No old long- lost enemy would arise with a boy that looks just like your husband neither would the ghost of a disgruntled ex magically appear. Take your mind off that.

“Will People Have Fun?”
Is there going to be food? Is there going to be music? They’ll eat, they’ll dance, and they’ll generally have a good time. Stop obsessing!

“What If I Fall?”
No, you won’t fall while walking down the aisle. I’ve done the research-People only actually fall in movies. Still worried? Do these two things- Walk slowly (It’s not a race after all) and look for the comfiest heels you can find.
Don’t worry; your walk down the aisle is not a viral meme waiting to happen.

“Someone will Cause a Scene”
Usually there is this “family fighter “who easily gets pissed and fights with everyone. Or maybe it’s divorced parents who don’t get along.
Here’s the thing, people are usually on their best behaviours at weddings. Even if they start something, they usually get calmed down before things get out of hand. No world War III will begin at your wedding!

Writer – Josephine Stevens

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