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Can Separate Bedrooms Make This Couple Happier?


By Amaka

Most of the conflicts I have had with my husband of five years have been centered on our shared bedroom. He rarely sleeps well and he is constantly fatigued due to lack of good sleep because I snore and I am really restless when sleeping. I go to pee many times during the night, no matter how careful I tip toe, it affects his sleep. He sleeps still and loves perfect silence when sleeping. I love it pitch dark, he loves the bathroom light on to give a reflection to the room. We have tried so many things to make things better but they haven’t worked. We both do physically demanding jobs during the day so having a good sleep in a restful room is important.

Sleep isn’t the only problem, everything else about the room, from lightning, temperature, beddings, and colours; to arrangement and keeping it tidy causes hot arguments.

I recently read a piece by a woman who shared how they saved a marriage on the verge on divorce by separating rooms and allowing each other to have the kind of bedrooms that will help them be themselves.

We are considering that too, though it is against everything I have learned about marriage, but the truth is that having the same bedroom is putting a lot of strain on our relationship right now. It isn’t helping intimacy either.

Just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this kind of issue and what other women have to say about separating rooms.

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