#SheSaidThis: “Who Do We Impress With Living A Staged Life In Public, But An Entirely Opposite Life Behind Closed Doors?” – Pastor Anita



Pastor Anita is reaching out and inspiring people who feel vulnerable and in need of a change by sharing her own journey of rediscovery after tolerating abuse for a long time.

Her message is simple – believe in yourself and do not allow other people rob you of a life of joy.

In her latest post titled ‘Do Yourself a Favour By Loving Yourself’ she speaks on why it is important for you to love yourself enough to reject abuse and stop keeping up appearances.

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Below is an excerpt from the article;

Tolerating abuse can rob you of your identity and you can lose your own personality in the process. I had reached the point of exhaustion, but thank God for the courage to move on against all the odds.

It is a great weight on your shoulders to live a false life with false impressions, possibly to get the praise and applause of people. I mean who do we impress with living a staged life for the world to see in public, but an entirely opposite life behind closed doors?

To love yourself you have to accept yourself for who you are, not claiming to be Mrs. Jones when you are Mrs. Brown or Mr Peter when you are Mr Paul. Be happy to be you and let others accept you for who you are.

I am not ashamed of saying I am going through a divorce and I have lived as a single mother for many years. I was never ashamed of it. Friends and family accept and appreciate me for who I am and they are very accepting of me as I am of them. Recognize you have value and you deserve to be treated with respect. You must first respect yourself to know when to walk away from people who make you miserable and stay with people who love, inspire and respect you. Feel beautiful without searching for peoples approval, appreciate yourself.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. amaka_ng@yahoo.com'

    Nwakor sylvia

    January 13, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    I need help seriously. I am like a walking copes now my husband want to kill me. I dont know who to talk to or what to do? I would have run away but i cant leave my children. Please help me.

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