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Real Women, Real Issues: My Daughter Accidentally Injured Her Schoolmate, Now His Parents Want Compensation


Dear Woman.NG Readers,

My eight year old daughter pushed one of her schoolmates during their break time at school. The boy was standing in the way and obstructing her friends and her. Instead of them to ignore him, my daughter pushed him. He fell into the gutter and broke his hand. We feel very bad for what she has done, I have cried my eyes out many times because the boy was badly injured. We have scolded and disciplined her for it and even made her write an apology letter to the boy and his parents.

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The boy was in the hospital for some time, his mother even lost her job in the process. The problem now is that the parents of the boy are so mad at us, they have been threatening and cursing us for not footing the hospital bill. They are demanding 500,000, we offered to pay half of it, because the truth is we cannot afford everything but they don’t want to hear it. I feel very bad, I don’t know what to do.

– By a worried mother

image – Anthony Aesel/flickr

1 Comment

1 Comment



    October 6, 2015 at 9:26 am

    This is a truly frustrating situation but for my two kobo. I don’t understand why you are putting all the blame on your daughter. You wrote that the boy stood in her way and *obstructed* her and her friends, this to me sounds like typical bully behaviour. Have you considered that your daughter could have been defending herself?

    I understand that you feel bad and that there are other ways your daughter could have handled this which I trust you have imparted on her. Still, if the boy is truly a bully then he shares a bit of the blame too. I believe this is an incident that has to be properly investigated before demands for money are being made.

    Please do not let your guilt allow anyone to take advantage of you.

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