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ruth obih

She was once denied visa to the UK to study for a Masters degree in Oil & Gas Law. This did not stop her.

Her resilience, hard work and vision made her pass the British test to practice law and go on to set up a real estate company that has grown to be light years ahead of competition. This has made her a leading woman in the Nigerian Real Estate industry.
Ruth Obih is founder and CEO of 3invest Ltd. 3Invest Limited is a real estate acquisition and investment company in Nigeria . An impactful arm of her business is 3invest Intelligence which she founded in 2009. 3invest Intelligence is focused on real estate media and advocacy. It boasts of 3 arms- her radio programme airing on Classic FM and Beat FM, the Annual Real Estate UNITE Conference Exhibition & Awards and the online portal for real estate information and advocacy.

You don’t have to start out completely smitten by what you do. That we learn from Ruth Obih who admits that when she started out in the real estate industry, all she wanted was to “make money” & “be in the Industry”. This soon changed when she saw a need. She decided to meet this need and this decision has earned her an unshakable relevance in the industry.
It hasn’t always been a smooth ride. At the time she got into the industry, it was in the wake of a meltdown as real estate value, worldwide, was plummeting. This did not deter her, she forged ahead and created value when the easier way was to jet out. Now that, once again, Nigeria is the hotspot of real estate in West-Africa, Ruth Obih leads the pack.

On business and its challenges, Ruth Obih insists “Life is filled with challenges, yet you must keep moving. You can’t afford to lose focus or get discouraged because of certain situations that pose themselves as threats.”
Indeed her creativity and resilience has paid off, winning her acclamation amongst the Nigerian Real Estate community and beyond. When she was featured on Forbes Africa, she was described as “different”. She has been serenaded with awards – from being listed amongst the top 100 most influential women in Nigeria to being one of ThisDay’s top Real Estate Women to make it happen.

She is not only a leader in her niche. She is also an inspiration to women and entrepreneurs in general. She tells aspiring entrepreneurs that excellence is a determining factor for success -“ I strive for excellence, I strive for good work; when all these are done, every other thing works out.”


Writer – Josephine Stevens

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