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12 Naija Women Tell Us What They Wish They Knew When They Were 18


What do you wish you had known when you were younger? How would that knowledge have shaped your life? Today, 12 Naija women give us their down to earth responses to these questions. Read below;

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Bisi, 28

Easy on the make-up, less is more. I cringe when I look at my old pictures. The heavy liner, the eye shadows popping, thick mascaras; I guess I was too excited to be able to use make up. Now I know a more natural look is better.

Simi, 35

Go and learn something. I was one of those kids who didn’t get admission to the university on time. My mum asked me to learn how to sew but I refused. I should have listened. Now I wish I had gone to learn those skills. I wasted three years of my life sitting at home.

Temi, 26

Learn how to cook- it makes life much easier. And it’s not just about your husband – it’s about you too.

Tega, 32

I wish i knew not to keep bad company. I was trying to be hip not knowing how foolish I was. In the process my mom developed blood pressure that turned into stroke.

Anu, 26

Stop trying to be like someone else. I would see supposedly “cool” girls and practice their talk and walk. Looking back now it was so ridiculous!

Naruto, 30

Mum and Dad are your true friends. I remember thinking they didn’t know much and their opinions were out-dated. 12 years down the line, all I can say is – Mum you were right.

Cynthia, 37

Enjoy your age. I used to add 3 years to my age then. Silly. Now I am tempted to reduce my age- sometimes (haha)

Rita, 41

You don’t have to have your life all figured out. I thought I was supposed to know everything about who I wanted to be. Take it easy 18 year old me- there is plenty of time to get it figured out.

Lulu, 29

Don’t spend all your time reading romance novels – spend more time reading books that will develop you. All those hours reading the same happy-ever-after story line when I could have developed myself – feels wasted.

Ejiro, 29

Don’t be so shy. I was so shy. I wouldn’t go out. When I did, I would keep to myself at gatherings. I had not many friends. I wish I had lost that painful shyness. It was neither necessary nor helpful.

Hope, 28

You are not fat, eat all you can – your metabolism is crazy. I used to obsess about my weight and all I ate. In retrospect, i wasn’t slim, I was skinny!

Dupe, 33

Don’t lose your identity in dating. I had my first boyfriend at 18. I wanted to be the type of girl he liked so if he said he liked something I would go all to do it. Think that funny girl who hopped for the prince in the movie Coming to America. Thank God I outgrew that stage.

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