Beauty Queen Ezine Akudo, Called To Bar


ezinne akudo

Ezinne Akudo – Miss Nigeria 2013 and the founder of The Eight Foundation has been called to Bar.

Ezinne who graduated from Abia State University enrolled Nigerian Law School in 2014. Officially now – Ezinne A. Anyaoha LL.B, B.L.

She posted a portrait on Instagram with the message below:

Looking back through the journey of my life, i will say that God has been soooooooo good to me. I have achieved the goals I set for myself. I still laugh at some of the things I thought would take me 10 years to achieve. ….been there, done that, chewed the sweet and spit out the trash. The teenage Ezinne will marvel at the lady the 25 yr old Ezinne has become. Apparently, I need new dreams, the old ones now seem small. Pardon me, but I am indescribably proud of myself. I will Soar on. I will Rock on. I will Slay on. I will Ball on and I will Shine on. My path shall shine brighter and brighter to the perfect day. This is only the beginning… Thanks to everyone that supported me and prayed for me even when I felt like quitting. To those that said I wouldn’t make it just because I travel a lot, you guys fueled my determination and made me study even harder..and so I thank you. To the younger ones looking up to me, YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. ….! To God, I will forever be indebted to you!!


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