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NAIJA SINGLE GIRL: Girls Like Me With Small Boobs & Small Asses Are Still Humans



Something compelled me to write on big boobs and big ass today. Maybe it’s the anger I felt while I was writing on Nicki Minaj yesterday.

There’s an upsurge of bullies on small boobs ladies particularly on social media. Guys make it look like God should have compensated any girl without big boobs/ big ass with a penis to finalize her transformation into a man.

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You know I want to believe that we girls with small boobs and small asses are still humans and we don’t care if our small boobs contain powdered milk as opposed to the liquid peak milk from our d-cup sisters. As long as our new born babies are going to smile when we release that stuff into their mouth, that’s okay by us!

As for you Oga that is drooling over anything below the waist that has weight and occupies space, what do think are the components of a big ass? Burst the ass of a fat ass girl and piles and piles of shit mixed with fatty tissues comes spilling out. Disgusting right?

You think I’m lying? I know a certain public toilet that charges girls with small asses fifty naira for taking a dump while the big asses females pay as much as hundred & fifty naira.

Are there single girls with small asses/ small boobs reading this? Do you sometimes feel the above physical attributes are responsible for your current status?

Guys, are there times you meet a good looking girl with a great personality but you can’t date her because her boobs are too small and her ass is not up to a handful? If your answer is yes, you know you’re part of the problem Nigeria has apart from corruption, right?

Luckily, designers from all over the world inclusive of Aba and Onitsha felt the pain of these category of females and came up with the padded bra/ padded ass. Let me not digress further. That’s an issue for another day.

Story 1: Some years ago, one of my girlfriends came to my house and insisted she wants me to meet a male friend of hers. I changed into a polo and a knee-length skirt. As soon as my friend saw me, she dragged me back to her room and made me wear two jean shorts underneath my skirt to create the ‘ass effect’. When I refused to dress that way on the grounds of comfort, she told me to stay back.

Story 2: A couple of months ago, an upcoming artiste needed ‘hot girls’ to publicize his new single. Height & facial features were not prerequisites. He just needed big asses and big boobs. I happened to be in the venue when the girls were being chosen and for some reasons best known to him, the artiste told me to accompany them.

The nature of the job required the girls to convince people to buy the guy’s album. While they were on it, the slimmest girl walked up to a group of three men to advertise the album. After all the English’ she spoke (she is a graduate of mass communications), one of them replied, “Sister you try well well o but I no go buy from you, call that your friend wey get big nyash. Na her own I want”

Story 3: I was going through a friend’s BBM list and noticed he sorted his contacts into two categories. One titled ‘babes’ and the other titled ‘my niggas’. After analyzing the ‘my niggas’ category, I found some girls there. His reason; “Those girls I placed there are not well endowed so I see them as my fellow guys”

How long will these discrimination go on?

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1 Comment



    October 10, 2015 at 7:07 am

    Hilarious but no less the truth.

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