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When The Man Of God (MOG) Declares You Are His Wife…



By Seun Akinlosotu

I hope I don’t cross the line here with this topic I’m embarking on. I know some people will read mid-way and start shaking their head, talking about “touch not my anointed”.  All of you who were then when Jesus was born, I am anointed too so touch not me either…

On a more serious note, let me apologize in advance to those that may not appreciate me airing this out, but since normal gist is boring these days so here goes:

A dear friend of mine introduced me to a Pastor friend of hers who had been very instrumental in her spiritual life. She felt I had reached the ripe age of marriage and needed spiritual encouragement to the altar. After so many calls and pushing and nagging the life out of me, I got the guy’s number and called him. And so we started our spiritual exercise journey which was just the normal, pray and fast for breakthroughs  kind of situation.

MOG now started calling every now and then to check up on me.

MOG: Ahhh Sister Sav, I just called to see how you are doing o. Any updates? Have you started seeing anyone?

Me:  Ahhh MOG don’t worry, God is ever faithful. He makes All things beautiful in His time.

MOG: ehn ehn… okay o.

Conversation repeats itself like a couple more times before Pastor asks if I’m on Facebook. I respond in the affirmative and he sends me a friend request. (For future reference, this is such a NO..NO).

MOG sees my profile – pictures and all…………..

Next conversation

MOG: After a bunch of small talk: Sister Sav, God revealed something to me, has he revealed the same to you?

Me: Ahh God reveals to me all the time but which one in particular are you referring to.

MOG: You know, this is so difficult for me to say. I probably shouldn’t be mentioning it to you , but  let me just speak as I am led. I think the Lord is showing that I might be your husband

Me: (inwardly -HELL TO THE NO!!!! Nope, Nope, Nope. God sure forgot to tell me that part. And you sure weren’t hearing things until you saw my pictures!! Ahnn abeg o.  ) Light chuckle, it is well o MOG. I’m sure if that’s the case, God will make it known to me since He’s not an author of confusion. Thank you for the revelation Sir.

Yup, there was no Sir before but I sharply introduced it; and that was the last time i picked up his call!

This happened some years ago……………….

This episode leads me to all manner of questions, scenarios etc. Why do MOG use this to trap women all the time? Could this actually be true? Have you encountered this before? Why say “God told you she’s your woman” when that voice you heard was just yours in disguise? Would a MOG intentionally lie just to get what he wants? Should we attribute this to the “flesh” taking over the “Spirit”?

Either way,  I would appreciate it if such visions are limited to: Sister Sav, please manage this 10Million naira God has asked me to dash you or Sister Sav, the Lord directed me to give you the keys to this house in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, or Sister Sav, please accept this all-expense paid trip for you and the BAE to Fiji….etc.

Anyone else with me on this type of practical vision needed?


Seun Akinlosotu is a Tech Analyst by day and an aspiring Writer by midnight. She’s a self proclaimed Romanticist who likes to write light heartedly. Her write ups are geared at a cross mix of audience, none of which will need an Oxford Dictionary to understand her. There’s more to read from her at & on IG @Chechecosmos

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