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11 Naija Women Tell Us How They Will Spend N100million If They Win A Lottery



For many women in Nigeria getting N100million free is a huge deal! These women tell us what they would do if they won a lottery of a N100million.


“I think I would spend a large part of it on real estate. I’l splurge a little. I would go holidaying-I must try bungee jumping and skydiving! I’ll also spend some part of the money on an agricultural based venture.”

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“First a new car! This daily chasing of buses is not the life! Then invest some in my business. Donate some to my church. The rest will be kept in my account for future purposes”


“I’ll invest in real estate- buy both bare lands and developed properties. I would rent out the already developed properties then sell some out later. After that I would do a little stock. IV always dreamt of a having a library and meditation centre for mind expansion- I’ll make that dream come true. I’ll buy a car. I will also go on a holiday!Pheew!”


“I’ll invest 30% in stock. Another 30% to buy build and furnish a house in or around Old Airport in Ibadan- Lagos is too expensive. 10% to buy two cars. Another 15% to build a shopping complex also in Ibadan.1.5% to set up a mini-supermarket or provision store in my area here in Lagos.5% to set up my cake and fashion business. I’l put the rest in my account”


“First, I’ll pay my tithe. Invest N40m in promising real estate prospects- maybe a plot in a juicy area in Abuja. Invest N20m in equity; put N10m in a fixed deposit account for interest. Gift N3m to dad, N3m to mum and N2m each between both siblings. Gift my 2 godsons with N1m each in stock portfolios (they are still toddlers so I can’t give them real cash). Give two of my loyal friends N250K each. Spend N3m on organizing a family holiday. Keep N2m in my own spending account for miscellaneous. N2.5 would go to general charity”


Keep 50m. I would then spend part of the money to enrol in a school at Paris or Italy to become a Chef De Pâtisserie. Take a year off to travel around the world. Then return to grow my business.


“I’ll probably invest 75% of it. Treat my family to an extravagant vacation. Build a modest home, so landlord palaver can end. Splurge some more.


“Build a house for my family. Invest in some stock .Invest in my mum’s bottled water business. I have written a plan for a few businesses- I would start them. Send my siblings abroad to study. My wardrobe needs a change too- I’ll go on a much-deserved shopping spree.”


“N35m for real estate. 25m for Diverse Stocks, 10m for equity in some of these startups.N5m for fixed deposit.N2m for Gold jewelleries. N8m for Vacation, gift 5m to my mum, General shopping 3m. Let the rest receive fresh air in my”


“Buy a car. Step up my wardrobe. Travel the world. Buy some shares. Life is too short not to spoil myself abeg”


“Get two proper maids for my 90 year old father who will stay with him and be at this beck and call 27/7.They would be on shift. Renovate our house. Go on a small vacation.”

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