“Anytime A Celebrity Cheats On His Or Her Spouse, He Or She Must Have Been Lured Into The Act By A Female Or Male Fan” – Annie Okey



In a recent interview with Punch, Nollywood actor, Jazzy Okey, and his wife, Annie, speak  on their marriage and the challenges of being in the spotlight.

Annie was asked a few questions about how she copes with being  married to a celebrity;

Do you sometimes regret being married to someone in the spotlight?
Annie: Yes, I do. Most times I do get upset, because of the attitude of most female fans. In a bid to appreciate my husband, who is a celebrity, they end up carrying out the least- expected gestures just to get at him.

How do you react when female fans celebrate your husband?
Annie: As a human being, I feel upset. But, after all, I can’t help but get used to it. Right now, I’ve gotten an absorber, so when they come aroung, I don’t feel anything. I’ve come to the realisation that it is one of the things he must encounter from his female fans as a celebrity. Besides, I’ve come to love and trust him so much over time.

How do you relate with your female fans?
Jazzy: It’s normal thing for every celebrity to be appreciated and accepted by all. But, it’s solely my responsibility to know when to draw the line or limit certain actions. For example, I appreciate all of them, but I try not to go beyond a certain limit, and of course you know I’m not single or searching.

Why do you think some celebrities cheat on their spouses?
Annie: Most times it is not their fault. Anytime a celebrity cheats on his or her spouse, he or she must have been lured into the act by a female or male fan. They don’t just go astray and when they do, they are lured into it. But then, I think self-control is key to the success of any union.

The couple is expecting their first child together and they had a beautiful baby shower last week. Some photos below;





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