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“Even If You Are In Pudah, There Is A Business You Can Do Without Having To Go Out, And You Will Make Money, More Than The People Who Go Out” – Hajiya Sa’adatu Abdullahi



Nigerian women are generally resourceful. Though we are largely hardworking, a little push in the right direction makes the journey easier. This is what Hajiya Sa’adatu Abdullahi did during a recent interview with the Guardian News. One of the salient points she raised was on the issue of who should be in business. According to her, “Every woman should be business- minded”

If every woman should be business minded, what is stopping women who don’t have regular jobs from starting their own businesses?

Some think they have to be educated, some allow themselves to be held back by the lack funds. Hajiya Sa’adaatu puts these doubts to sleep. She insists; “You don’t need to be educated to succeed in business. You can do it if you have funds, no matter how small it is.”

She also tackles the movement restriction placed on some women in the north popularly called Pudah. According to her, it is not at excuse;

“Yet even if you are in pudah, there is a business that you can do without having to go out, and you will make money, more than the people who go out.”

On Businesses besides buying and selling, she notes;

“Most women that we come across seem to be more interested in buying and selling. They don’t seem to realise that there are other businesses that they can do. Even if you want to be involved in buying and selling, you can really do it without having to travel. And there are other businesses that are more rewarding than buying and selling, because buying and selling of goods do tie capital at times”

Hajiya Sa’adatu Abdullahi is the Chief Executive Officer of Abuja-based Business Women Networking Limited.


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