Nigerian Woman Seeking Asylum In The US Because Of Boko Haram Receives Temporary Stay Of Deportation




Nigerian woman, Rejoice Musa seeking asylum in the US has received a temporary stay of deportation this week following a petition signed by 1,600 residents and intervention by Michigan’s two senators.

Rejoice Musa claims she is at risk of being attacked by terrorist group Boko Haram, if she is returned to Nigeria. The single mother who has an aviation degree from Western Michigan University, is seeking asylum so she can be with her American-born son.

Michigan United has been fighting her cause to remain in the US, below is Rejoice’s story as shared on their web page calling for people to support her,

Nigerian born Rejoice Musa is exactly the type of person President Obama was trying to help when he took action to stop the deportations of innocent people. She is highly educated and productive. Having earned an degree in Aviation from Western Michigan University with honors, she soon found work with the Stryker Corporation. She was recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration for having “…met or exceeded the high educational, licensing and medical standards established by the FAA.” And she accomplished all this while raising her 3 year old, American born son alone. It should go without saying that a no point did she ever run afoul of the law.
In 2014, Rejoice lost her bid for asylum, but when President Obama issued his executive order, immigration officials told her she would not have to face deportation after all.  Relieved that she could go on with her life, Rejoice was preparing to pursue her Masters’ Degree in Engineering when an injunction was issued putting the executive order on hold.  Now Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is hurrying to get Rejoice out of the country before the Supreme Court can make a ruling that could potentially save the life of her family.
You see, Rejoice has no relatives in the America with whom she could leave her son. Rather than abandon him, they will have to return to Nigeria to face the stigma of being a single parent family together. While such ostracism is not unusual in this traditionally conservative culture, it has been exacerbated by Boko Haram, a terrorist group that has plunged her country into civil war and infamously targeted educated women, particularly ones with a Western education.
If Rejoice is deported, it would be a senseless tragedy. But you can act right now to avoid it.


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1 Comment

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