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These Stories Will Make You Rethink Your Life



I have read hundreds of articles this year, some have made me smile, some have made me think, and some have made me sad, but for this list I dug deep  to look for articles that tugged at my deepest emotions. They are pieces that made me read, paused, and read again and never left me even months after reading them.

If you missed these stories, here is an opportunity to read them now and if you have read them before now,  you can still read again, you will be surprised by how much you get out of a second read.

Article ->  Don’t Blame Her, Blame The Brain Tumor
What I Learned: Sometimes, people behave weird manner simply because they are sick physically, emotionally or psychologically and not necessarily because they are bad people.


Article -> My Name Is Anger, I Am Here To Serve You
What I Learned: Emotions are powerful alarms. They are there to alert us to a problem, and meant to guide us to finding the root cause of the problem in order to deal with it.


Article -> 4 Lessons Divorced Women Can Learn From Ibinabo Fiberesima
What I Learned: Everybody deserves a chance to love and be loved, again and then again.


Article ->  Why You Should Marry Someone From A Similar Background
What I Learned: They say love is blind, but only a young inexperienced person will make the decision on whom to marry solely on the basis of love.


Article -> Stop Telling Your Pity Party Stories
What I Learned: There is a difference between sharing your stories to encourage other people going through a similar situation and defining yourself by the story so that people can keep giving you pity.


Article -> Take A Step Then Another Step
What I Learned: No matter how overwhelming a situation is, you may not be able to fix it all at the same time. The most important thing is taking the first step, and another and another……


Article -> Tell Your Sons Too Not To Rape
What I Learned: Parents should teach their girls how to protect themselves from a potential rape, but that is not all. They should also teach their sons that ‘No’ means ‘NO!’


Article -> The Grass Is Greenest Where It Is Watered
What I Learned: We all want to have everything we need, exactly when we need them, but life just doesn’t roll like that for everyone. So appreciate what you have and work hard to get what you want without being envious of your friends.


Article -> This is Why I Pray
What I Learned: It is good to be prepared to face any challenge in life, but sometimes even our best efforts fail! Simply put, we need God.


Article -> This Little Light Of Mine…….
What I Learned: If you keep waiting for when things are 100 percent before you use your talent and pursue your dreams then you may never. Keep learning but keep moving as well.


Article -> If You Didn’t Ask To Be Robbed, How Did They Ask To Be Raped?
What I Learned: There no excuse for rape. It doesn’t matter if the victim was home alone or wearing a short skirt. Rape is a crime and the rapists should be punished not the victims.

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