10 Nigerian Women Share Their Most Hilarious Cooking Blunders



Woman.NG asked some Nigerian women, “what is the most hilarious cooking blunder you ever made?”, below are some of the responses we got. You can add yours in the comment section!

I put Ogbono Inside beans

One day I was feeling sleepy but needed to cook beans for my husband. So I put the beans on the gas. When it was time to put other ingredients, I sleepily poured all the ingredients in the pot. It happens that I put the ogbono and crayfish in the same type of coffee container. I just grabbed one without looking. I poured it in and continued with my jolly cooking. I noticed that it was a little slippery but I guess I was too tired to check. My husband came back and headed straight to the kitchen. Lo and behold! He complained about the beans tasting funny. When I checked I immediately knew my error. I had poured Ogbono in the beans instead of crayfish.

I cooked rice with hair shampoo

We used to call it concoction rice back then when I was in school. That day I was too lazy and wanted the fastest method so I poured everything at once in the pot. I didn’t fry the oil. We use a shampoo container for our groundnut oil and i don’t how the shampoo came to our locker. To cut the long story short, we ate the food though it tasted funny. It was much later we discovered i used shampoo to cook

I boiled the fish before frying it

When I was about 11, I was asked to fry fish by my mum. First I proceeded to boil the fish. She was not hearing the sound of the fish frying in the oil so she came to check. She was shell shocked. It was then I learnt you do not have to fry fish first the way you do meat.

My Ogbono was like stone

The first time I cooked Ogbono at school. I didn’t know how to measure the quantity of ogbono to use. God, it was like stone! I had to locate the dustbin with my pot of stony soup immediately.

My Moi Moi was hard as a rock

I wanted to surprise my uncle with moi moi when growing up so I peeled like 2 congos of beans and packaged it in just four nylons. My Uncle kept asking why the Moi Moi was so hard and gigantic like a rock on the plate.

I cooked beans that never got soft

I wanted to quickly cook beans so threw in all the ingredients at once into the pot- including oil, salt, pepper and crayfish. I boiled and boiled and boiled that beans.The beans kept bouncing around in the pot without getting soft. The initial water dried up; I added more water and increased the gas..After about 2 hours of pouring more water, I threw away the beans. I realised later that I shouldn’t have added oil in the beginning .The oil coated the beans and made it impossible to absorb water necessary to soften the beans. I never forget the experience.

My Akara was flat in the pan

The first time I fried akara for the family, I poured oil in the beans like Moi Moi. The akara was just flat in the frying pan. My family refused to eat it.

I cooked bitter leaf without squeezing it

The first time I cooked bitter leaf soup. I didn’t know that the bitter-leaf had to be squeezed. I just cut it like ugwu and put in in the soup. The worst part is that I didn’t even taste it before serving it. It wasn’t funny that day at all.

I put the rice and the beans together in the pot at the same time

This type is the type you cook together. I didn’t know I was supposed to cook the beans first. I put the rice and the beans together in the pot at the same time. My mum kept asking me is the food not done? I said” no its not”. It got to a stage, she was like” ahan what are you cooking!” it was then I said “The rice is done, I’m waiting for the beans to be done”. Lol.

I made kerosene Coconut Rice

That day I wanted to cook and there was no container with me in the market. So I bought the groundnut oil from the market in nylon. When I got back, I transferred the oil from the nylon into the kerosene container. I didn’t know, in fact we don’t use kerosene to cook. I don’t know how it got there. That day I cooked coconut rice with a new type of dried pre-prepared coconut powder. So when I tasted it I wasn’t so sure it was the special powder that tasted funny. My mum called me and told me not to use that coconut powder again. That it tastes like kerosene. It was then my brain clicked. I rushed to check the container I had poured the groundnut oil. Needless to say, I only told my youngest sister and quietly poured it away before I receive” yabbing” that would last for a decade.

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    December 8, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    These are funny. the kerosene one has happened to me before.

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