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10 Things I Hate In Yoruba Movies



In this edition of The Screening Room, Adenike Adebayo talks about Yoruba movies and the ten things she hates about them. You may agree with some of them!

Check out Adenike’s list below;



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1 Comment

1 Comment


    Prince Olukayode

    April 21, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    Well I commend this people for their efforts from getting the stories to the level at which it is putting together and make available for the general public.

    Adenike, in case you don’t know. Some of this movie are true life story, and I want you to understand the fact that we Yoruba’s has our very own culture. Based on your view 3&4, it’s a normal thing. When you go to an aged person to know about a story and you were told in the story that someone in the story was taken to an herbalist for some reason. Please tell me, will you skip it out of the story you are working on? (Why not complain about taking people to the hospital as well). And even if you decided to skip it remember that there are some people out there that knows almost everything about the story. If you said you don’t want to be seeing an herbalist in the Yoruba movies, please visit our ancient cities like Osun/Oshogbo and the Oyo Ajaka, there you will understand that it is normal.

    Regarding your number 9th point. I want to believe you are burn and brought up in Lagos, because here in Lagos no one have the time to watch after anyone. I only pray you don’t experience this.

    Also, your point number 6&8 makes you almost as same as this people you were referring to. Didn’t you also makeups, if you want to say anything about this; please stop your makeup and let’s see what you look like.

    Less I forget, you talked about their English speaking. You said your name is ADENIKE, this shows that you are a typical Yoruba child, even from a Royal family and you speaking Yoruba like a British lady(watch 1:02 to 1:15 or the short video). This is very disappointing.

    NOTE: I came from a Royal family in the Oyo empire. I have never for once think of or having interest in the theater of a thing. But I always appreciate them for keeping our people educated with both what has happened in the past and present. People even use to get to know few little about the Yoruba’s culture through all this movies.

    ADVICE: If you think watching Yoruba movie is frustrating, then Ghanian’s movie is there for you.

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