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11 Naija Women Share Their Most Embarrassing Menstruation Stories


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When it comes to Aunty Flo, every woman has a story to tell! We asked some Woman.NG readers to share their most embarrassing menstruation stories, below are the responses we got. We can totally relate with some of them!

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It happened last year. I went to the market to buy shoes so I sat on the chair in the shop. It took a while before I was done and I walked out of the shop. As soon as I walked out, a young guy started following and attempting talk to me. I thought he wanted to toast me so I ignored him. He kept calling me. Then he shouted ” I dey call you and you dey form for me abi, see as you dey, you don stain ooh” . I prayed the ground would swallow me. People around just stared at me. A middle aged lady brought a cloth which I tied and followed her to a pharmacy – Oluchi

The day my pad proved juvenile, shifted from position and got me stained! It happened when I was in school. We were waiting for lectures when a friend drew my attention to my ass. I was stained. None of the girls around me had a scarf or pad. We had to borrow from a guy! – Fola

The day I got stained at the church. It was one of those days when I was extra “active”. After reading one of the passages, I felt a note in my hand from the ushers. Obviously each time I stood up I had entertained the church not only with my bible reading but also the spectacle of my stained skirt. The bright side was that it was Tuesday bible study so the church wasn’t full – Ayo

My period came unexpectedly one day when I was at the office.I went to meet my colleague(a female) to whom I am relatively close to lend me a pad. There was a male colleague there so I was discreet. Lo and behold, my colleague didn’t get the memo. She brought out the pad in the full glare of the guy and gave it to me without even attempting to conceal it.I quietly took it like someone who had just been drenched with cold rain. I later confronted her about it but she insisted it was not a big deal – Joy

Double embarrassment during my university days. I was stained when I was walking a guy I had a crush on. I was coming from a class one day when I saw a friend I had a crush on. SO I joined him and we went on our merry way. Little did I know that I was stained? The crush was the shy type so I guess that was why he didn’t tell if he noticed anything.Or maybe he didn’t notice. Some random guy on the streets noticed and told me. Cheekily by the way. God I was so embarrassed.

My most embarrassing period experience would be the first time I saw my period. It was at a party at my auntie’s house. You know the type at the end of the year where everyone in the family is practically there. In the middle of playing and eating I notice I am not feeling to right so I go to the bathroom. I realised my period had come. I tiptoe to my sister who tells me to go tell my mum. As I whisper to her, one of my aunties who noticed my sudden quietness (I am usually very loud) called out to my mum from the other end of the room “Is she ok”. My mum, nonchalantly shouted to the full hearing of my extended family- both young and old- “Yes she’s fine, She’s just started her period!”. I was mortified! – Toyin

During P/E. (Physical education) in secondary school, my pads fall off. Obviously my pants weren’t tight enough and the adhesive on the pad was weak. I stylishly picked it up and “disappeared” from the field – Layo

It was during my MBA. I was on and it was the big presentation day .My group was one of the last to go. So I’m waiting through other presentations. I was sitting in the chair and could feel that I was bleeding pretty heavily and could feel the clots coming out. I sort of sat on one of my feet to help slow down the flow. We didn’t get a break because most of the people in the class voted to “power through” the presentations since it was the last day of school. When our group’s time came, I got up and went to the front of the room. I had the sense to wear black pants, and thank goodness I did. When I stood up, I could feel tons more coming out and couldn’t do anything about it. It was awful to stand up there worrying that everyone might see. I finally got through the presentation and sat back down. It was the longest wait of my life – Cynthia

My period came one time at church camp. Blood somehow leaked through underwear and skirt into the chair. I stayed absolutely still and left after most people had left with my bag over my absolutely soaked red butt, ran to the toilet to change, then went back at lunch and scrubbed the seat – Chuchu

I grew up with a mother, father and one older sister. The first day it came only my dad was around- I had to explain to him – it was embarrassing.

In the 80s, there were no fancy pad with “wings”, neither were they individually wrapped. The pads that were available where the thick ones which were almost like sanitary towels. Anyways the first time my period comes – I have already been schooled by my sister and mum . So I feel I know what to do. I took from my mother’s stash and carefully read the instructions. It had a special diagram on how to remove the peel off label. It also talked about absorbency and freedom. Nowhere, however, did it mention which way up the sticky side went. Guess where I placed the sticky part?

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