16 Women On Why They’re Saying “No” to Sex

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In 2015, this may be hard for some to believe, but the truth is, there are many women who are actively saying “NO” to sex for reasons ranging from religion to keeping themselves for marriage to self-love. 16 women give their reasons for saying “NO” to sex, as published by Charli Penn in Essence.


 My Body Is Too Valuable

“I’m celibate because I’m trying to have a closer relationship with God and His will for my life. I believe I am too valuable to give my body and the best years of my life to anyone who is not planning to commit to me. So until I meet my husband, it’s locked, and the key is thrown away.” — First Lady Washington

The Bible Tells Me So

“I choose to wait because I want to do what the Bible says and not what the world says. I want to save my body for my husband and not be worn out by the time I get married.” — Valencia

Because I Demand Respect

“I’m choosing to be celibate until marriage. You have to demand respect for a real man to take you seriously. Any joker can feed you a dream. I have faith there are great men out there, but being celibate weeds out the bad ones. Besides, your body is a temple. I wish I could tell a lot of girls that sex before marriage is not the way.” — Jazz

Making Love Means More

“I’m six years celibate. Anybody can have sex; I want to make love. I promised God and myself that I would remain celibate until I was in love and married. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m holding on strong.” — Krisha

The Right Man’s Worth Waiting For

“I’m celibate because I’ve kissed too many frogs, and now I’m going to wait to meet my prince.” – Brevard

I Want to Focus On Me

“After allowing myself to be hurt by men numerous times, I decided to become celibate. It actually feels good. I am able to identify my needs and to focus on myself instead of other people’s perception of me. I am able to have a better relationship and connection with God. At first, it was challenging, but now I am loving me a whole lot more!” — Krystal

For My Future Husband Only

“I’m celibate because I’m rebuilding my relationship with God, and I was tired of men taking advantage of a gift intended for my husband. Too many people are being careless in their sexual lives. I love myself and want to live worry free.” —Amy

I Am a Woman of God

“I am celibate because I love the Lord with all my heart. I just want to be the woman of God that he has called on me to be.” — Gic Gic

I’m Strengthening My Mind

“Celibacy and abstinence test your ability to be patient with yourself and to control impulse desires. Being able to sustain from something that just about every human being desires, like sex, is the ultimate test of mental strength. It’s so easy to give in to sex because it’s everywhere, and to not choose to indulge until you are ready takes a lot of patience and focus. Sex is not everything, and as you mature and grow into yourself, it does not become your number one priority anymore. Finding peace within myself has become a necessity, and I am still searching for it.” — Chana

Doing It My Way Didn’t Work

“I am waiting to have sex until I meet my husband. I did my it way, and it didn’t work. Now, I’m going to do it the Lord’s way.”— Moni

I Want to Learn to Please Myself

“I’m abstinent for the moment. I’m just not interested in anyone right now. I’m learning how to please myself, and I’m doing a damn good job.” — Desiree

We’re Doing This Together

“I have been with my boyfriend for seven years now, and we decided to abstain from sex until we are married. We are both Christians and believe the best place for sex is within a married relationship. We are now engaged and planning to get married this May. We know the wait will be worth it, and I feel so special that I will be his one and only and he will be mine. Love, marriage and sex are sacred things and not to be taken lightly.” — Rebecca

It Keeps Me Safe

“I’ve been celibate for the better part of three years now. I love God, but I have also learned to love myself. There are too many diseases out there for people not to take sex seriously. I haven’t had an orgasm yet that was worth dying for.” — Betsy

It Simplifies Things

“I’m in the V-Club, and I am a proud member! I have something that is so precious, and I plan to keep it that way until I get married. Life is much more simple for me than I think it is for others who are no longer in the club. I am so busy with school, hobbies and being a good daughter to the Lord that I don’t even have time for those types of complications. I feel like a gem.” — Mayen

I’ve Learned From My Mistakes

“I’m now abstinent. I’ve learned by practicing abstinence then falling back into lust, making the same mistakes of sex before marriage just to find out that it was only a temporary pleasure with no love. I’m now abstinent once again and have been since 2012. It feels really good, and I feel strongly about it. With faith and overwhelming love in my heart, I’m prayerful to soon be married.” — Linda

It Helps Me See Him for Who He Really Is

“I’m a virgin. I made a promise to myself and to God that I would wait until marriage for the man God ordained me to be with. I want to make sure that that man is going to be there for me emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically for more than a few hours, days, weeks or months. Plus, leaving sex out of the picture helps me focus on the other great attributes of the man I’m interested in and vice versa.” — Alexzandria


Are you saying ‘NO’ or ‘YES’ to sex? share your reasons in the comment box.


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    April 11, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Thank God am not alone. I’ve been celibate since 2012. It allows me to focus on my self and God



    April 12, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Have been celibate since December 2014 because I want to know God and see who love me without it. Through God I have been moving well with it and am so proud of my self.

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