3 Inspiring Dreams Helen Paul Wishes Will Come True



Helen Paul Bamisile popularly known as Tatafo is one of the most vibrant female comedians in Nigeria. She is quirky, bubbling and her alter ego, Tatafo, the pesky little child, never fails to crack her audience up.

Beyond being a comedian, she is also a singer, actress, dancer, compere, playwright and journalist. It may seem she has all she wants, but this woman still has dreams!


In an interview with Sunnewsonline, Helen Paul revealed that she would love to have triplets – maybe even nine kids. She is obviously a lover of children.

“I would have loved to give birth to triplets instead of having to visit the labour room thrice. If I was doing triplets, I would have nine kids by now. I love children so much” she said


Beyond having biological children, she also wants to have touched lives around the world – Like Oprah Winfrey. In an interview with Showtime she say:

“I want to have wonderful children all over the world. I want my children to affect lives everywhere in the world. I want to have touched so many lives. But it is not yet the time; I am getting there, in the next 60-70 years, I would have gotten there”

She talks on this dream during an interview with Bella Naija;

“I have always greatly admired Oprah Winfrey and I am working on a talk show that promises to be very interesting. She recently brought the show to an end and it’s good for upcoming acts like me to continue from where she ended, yeah!
Meanwhile, I am fast becoming some sort of “motivational speaker”. I get invitations to make presentations on business and life issues in various organizations. “
Interestingly, once in an interview with, she said that “a woman is not known by the number of material things she has, or how expensive they are, but by the number of lives she has impacted positively”

The PHD holder dreams of being an  operator in the academic world. This is what she says during an interview with Bella Naija:

“I also do not want to stop at just obtaining knowledge and certificates; I intend to be an operator in the academic world.”


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