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Check Your Label, If It Reads “Made By Parents” Or “Made By Spouse” Or “Made By Bully” Then You Can Fret!



By  Ayo Thompson

I know a lot of ladies who love shoes and have a closet full of them! Some take it a step further and would do almost anything for a pair with a good name – Blahniks, Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Steigers and Mius.

I don’t need to tell you how much a pair of these costs, a small fortune most of the time but some people don’t mind sacrificing other pleasures to indulge in a pair. Now, in many cases, you would see a very good imitation of a pair of designer shoes and you may not notice the difference until you look closely. In fact, you don’t even need an imitation, as you could see identical shoes with differing prices and the only obvious difference is the name of the brand. In many cases, the price is not only about the shoes but the name behind the shoes.

It’s not just about who you see now or what you perceive about who you are, a huge part of your worth is down to the quality of your maker, the strong backing of the name on the label that you carry!In equal vein, it’s time you and I truly check the name of the brand that we carry. Who made you? Who is backing you?

1. You are not common – You are customised, high grade, made with the best material and loads of attention.. You didn’t know that? You need to read the first chapter of the Bible again! Don’t ever think or let anyone tell you that you are common or ordinary or that there is nothing special about you.

2. Handle with care, respect and love – Have you seen the way some people hug their designer bags and take extra care to look after their expensive shoes? (When you consider how much you paid for it, it better serve you for long!. You need to start to respect how incredibly precious you are and treat your body, soul and spirit with the utmost care! Do you know who you are? Like really, do you? Stop permitting anything and anyone mis-handle you, don’t dis-respect yourself. Check your label.. You didn’t come cheap!

3. You have a purpose – You may have come from a broken home or been termed as ‘accidental’, a ‘mistake’ ‘useless’ ‘good-for-nothing’.. Check your label again.. If it reads “Made by Parents” or “Made by Spouse” or “Made by Bully” then you can fret, but if your label reads like mine then you know that if they didn’t make you they don’t have the power to decide what you were made for or who you are!

Do you know why you need to love yourself? Because you are priceless! When you look in the mirror, you are looking at the product of a Maker with a cast-iron reputation, with years of experience of never making a mistake. His reputation preceeds Him and you can solidly bank on His brand. It’s not only about you, it begins with the brand that you carry, the name on your label.

Sadly, if you do not recognise or appreciate your worth, it is easy for someone to tell you otherwise. It is easy for you to mis-handle or maltreat the greatness in you. It is possible for you to live below your potential and not fulfil your purpose. That’s a grave tragedy.

Don’t do that to yourself, you did not come cheap – take pride in that knowledge, show yourself some good old solid love and be grateful to God for it…. If ever in doubt, check your label again.


Writer: Ayo Thompson blogs at She loves God and her family very much and is passionate about everything female as well as building God-ly relationships. She also loves food, sleep and could sometimes be described as a social media junkie. Follow on Twitter @1plustheone and Facebook /1plustheone!

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