How Robbers Almost Raped & Killed A Retired United States Naval Officer In Ekiti For Reporting Their First Robbery At Her House To Police



Mrs Titilope Ayeni-Are is a Retired United States Naval Officer who recently relocated to Nigeria after being in the US for over 12 years. She returned to take a role as a lecturer in one of the  institutions in Ekiti State.

Robbers attacked her home in Ado –Ekiti while she was at Church in August, they stole items including three laptops, two DVD players and three mobile phones.

After the incident she went to retrieve her line from the stolen phones but was told that the line was still being used. She requested for a call log and further investigation led them to a woman named Funke who works as a cleaner in a bank and  is believed to be the girlfriend of one of the burglars.

Police eventually arrested two brothers – Bode and Wale Fakorede , in connection with the robberies. Wale and Bode were granted bail after they were arraigned before an Ado Ekiti Magistrate’s Court. It was later learned that the cleaner paid their bail.

Mrs. Titilope Ayeni-Are said she also lodged a com­plaint at the bank where the Funke worked.

After their release, Wale, one of the brothers led a revenge attack to Mrs Ayeni-Are’s house with a machete, threatening to rape and kill her before police came.

She shared her story with Punch;

 “My five-year-old son was with me at the time. Wale, who led the other gang members I could not identify, told me to look at him very well. He said he planned to kill me. I was left in the pool of my blood, after which he went to ransack the bedrooms.
“He went back to switch on the generator and asked about where I kept money, my ATM card and PIN number. He asked about my husband and I told him that he was in America. He asked from my son where his father was and my son told him that his dad is in America.
“He asked for my car keys, particularly that of a Pathfinder SUV, I told him that I didn’t have any such vehicle. He asked about the three laptops, which were earlier stolen, I replied that I had given them out. He then removed my necklace.
“He asked me if I knew where they sent him after the first attack, I told him that it was the court that sent him there. He said that throughout the time, he never had the opportunity of enjoying sex and that it was now an opportunity to do it with me.
“The other accomplice, whom he came with, kicked against what he intended to do but he threatened him. He said he would do it right in front of my son for him (my son) to see the action.
“He ordered me to go back to the bedroom and unzipped his trousers and it was in that process that my phone rang. He dragged me out of the house to the back door and dragged me to a well. He attempted to throw me inside the well.

“When I fell off the well, he pinned me to the wall and in the course of the struggle, a rope and the cloth with which he gagged me removed and I screamed ‘O ti pa mi o, oti pa mi o’ (He has killed me, he has killed me).
“I ran towards the gate but unknown to me, my neighbours had already called the police.”

She also said,

Funke is a cleaner at the bank and what that means is that all customers are not safe. She even helps those patronizing the Western Union section to make photocopies of their documents inside the bank premises and I believe this is very dangerous be­cause this gives her the opportunities to get details about customers.

All I want in this case is justice, I want justice to be done and I want jus­tice to prevail. I learnt that Wale had been jailed once in Ondo State and he is well known to the Police and the Police must investigate Funke Adenowo, his girlfriend working in the bank.

The suspects were later arrested.

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