“I Chose My Mom, I Chose Her Life Over My Career And I Am The Happier For It” – Dr Bode-Abass



Dr Oluwatoyin Bode-Abass is a Wellness Coach and founder of, on her intagram page two days ago she celebrated her mother’s 63rd birthday and shared an inspiring story of how she dropped out of her Masters programme in the UK to support  her mother who was diagnosed of cancer.

Below is her note;

Why I dropped out of my Master in Public Health programme.
My mom turns 63 today. For every single day that she lives I’m thankful.
Darl and I were UK bound to pursue our masters degree. At the airport mom told me she had a breast lump but it was nothing to worry about. I went numb momentarily! Nothing to worry about? She was talking to 2 medical doctors here.
Darl decided he would take her to hospital to get biopsy and diagnosis. I headed to London that September night alone. Darl joined me 3 weeks after. We were awaiting news with biopsy result. One beautiful winter morning my mom called with the much dreaded news ‘I’m told I have breast cancer’. Not sure i paid attention to the rest of our conversation.
I was at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. I was pursing a post grad degree in public health. I was a self-paying student. I had paid the 1st half of my fees. I requested to pay in 2 installments.
When news of moms diagnosis came, I went from putting funds together to pay my fees to raising money to fund her treatment. I remember calling ever near and dear one asking for assistance. To all those who gave, thank you. You are a huge part of this testimony.
I had colleagues from med school who were in my class. They knew I had to drop out because I couldn’t pay my fees. What they didn’t know was why I couldn’t pay.
I had approached my course supervisor to speak with school to give me some time. He returned only to tell me that if I could provide hard evidence that my mom had cancer! It was obvious where this was going, so I made the difficult decision to drop out. I was mocked even to my face! Someone actually emailed to mock me!
Today, 10 years later…I do not have that MPH degree but I still have my mom and Tickles has a grandma.
I chose my mom, I chose her life over my career and I am the happier for it. It was a huge gamble based on prognosis.
There will always be another opportunity to choose my career.
Please celebrate with me this phenomenal, awesome-tastic enigma of a woman I am privileged to call mom.

Happy birthday dearest Iya. The boys and me love you loads.

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