Singer Glowreeyah Shares Testimony Of Her Sister’s Triplets



Gospel Singer Glowreeyah, well known for her powerful song ‘Miracle Worker’ has shared a testimony to honor God on her sister’s behalf. She shared the photo about and wrote the note below on her Instagram page.

This right here : It’s my baby sister’s 30th birthday today. Jane-Terese isn’t on instagram but I choose to honour God on her behalf here today. Soon after I wrote #miracleworker, I made a vow to the Lord with the song. The Lord told me he would amaze me, my family and my generation with what he would do afterwards. I laughed a ‘Sarahic’ kind of laugh in utter disbelief. I said a ‘yeah, right’ in return. Guess who’s laughing last now? Just a snippet here. She is a medical doctor but was totally scared about carrying these babies.Giving birth to these triplets in April 2015(whom I fondly call The #zakadera trio) was nothing short of a miracle. Looking after them has been a custom-made grace experience. We made some projections and were within budget with her chosen hospital in The States. I kept praying and telling her ‘expect medical discounts’. All of a sudden an #hineverhexperredeet moment hit us. Complications arose and she had to be rushed to a Specialist Hospital on the go. We never forsaw this. However, having a HUMONGOUS(humongous raised to the power of humongous.. humongous that makes you silent.. humongous that humbles.. humongous that can buy choice property/estate… humongous that is humongous) medical bill/expenses waived from this same Specialist Hospital after we returned to Nigeria is a whaaattt??? I call it a tangible MIRACLE! BILL-WAIVING GOD.. Your name is YAHWEH!!!!

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