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Woman Narrates How She Was Saved From A Ghastly Road Accident




Sharon has always wanted to be a nurse, after a previous failed attempt she was on her way to write another Nursing exam at University Of Ilorin Teaching Hospital when she had a life changing experience.

She narrates her story to Rotimi Akinola of Newsroom;

My lifelong dream has always been to be a nurse because I just want to save lives. When I did JAMB and I was given another course I rejected it because all I want to be is a nurse. I graduated from secondary school in 2008. I had enrolled into a so-called private nursing school in 2010 but later found out the whole thing was a fraud.
On Friday September 11, 2015, I was travelling from Lagos going to Ilorin, I boarded a bus from Lagos to Iwo road in Ibadan where I boarded another one to Ilorin.
We were around a sharp bend along Eyenkorin at about 9:30 p.m. when the accident happened
The driver was over-speeding and we warned him, I guess the way he sped into the corner caused the accident. I don’t know how many times the bus summersaulted. It happened in a flash. When the bus came to a stop, many of the passengers got out. Everyone sustained injuries and two later died in hospital the next day. Immediately after the accident, we couldn’t find the driver.
Myself and another man were trapped in the bus, then it caught fire, My bag, which contained my certificate and international passport, was burnt.
Everything got burnt. My phone got burnt. But I escaped.
They also pulled the other man out but he lost something..
He was travelling with a little girl, his daughter. We were all injured and taken to a private clinic at Eyenkorin. The little girl was so injured she was referred to Ilorin General Hospital.
I was making a police report at the local police station the next day when the father walked in to report his daughter died at the hospital that morning.
My mind was blank after the accident
It was too much for me to handle. I just went blank. I was injured in my right arm. I was unable to eat with the hand until September 21 when I used it to eat my favourite food – rice.
A day after that, I was able to sew clothes with the help of the same hand.
I practically came out of the accident to write the exam on Saturday at UNILORIN Teaching Hospital
My clothes were drenched in my own blood and that of others. I called my parents that night and they were shocked but they were thankful to God I was alive. They connected me with some church members in the area who took me in and fed me. They also gave me new clothes.
I was able to write the exam but it was a terrible experience. The list came out later. I didn’t make it. I didn’t do the exam well because I wasn’t really my normal self. I couldn’t use my right hand. I had to use my left hand to do everything.
I don’t know my plans again, I’m just devastated for now. I’m tired. I’ve been running after the nursing dream since 2008. I’ll just keep on with my fashion design work.

H/T – Newsroom

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