3 Annual Holidays Every Naija Woman Needs…



When you hear the word ‘holiday’, what comes to your mind?

A holiday means different things to different people. Some ladies want to travel to spend time with family and friends who live overseas, others love the adventure, they want to visit as many cities around the world before they turn 40. Many save up their hard-earned cash for rock-bottom deals at summer. A few just want to rest and I mean shut-eye periods with no contact with anyone.

Whatever your holiday means to you, hope you can afford it and it adds much value. A holiday is a break from the endless routine most city dwellers go through year in and out. As we grow older, we notice our bodies can only take on only so much stress. If you go on like a hamster in a wheel, you’ll surely break down. As women, the society is constantly pulling us in so many directions in our various roles in our homes, career, community etc.

A holiday is not just a change of routine but a change of environment. It doesn’t have to be a trip that will break the bank, a few nights in a hotel on the outskirts of town will provide the much needed break. You don’t have to impress anyone as you know the purpose of the break. Every woman needs a holiday:


Before you got married, you had all the time to yourself, you could plan and think with no interruptions. Even as a mother and wife, you are still an individual. You’ve got dreams and aspirations. You need to go away alone at least once every year to review those dreams and plan ahead. Some men might frown at it but a secure and exposed guy will give his lady space to pamper herself and the quiet to rest, relax and get refreshed. Even if your marriage and kids are doing well, it’s a time to look back at the past year and ask yourself if this is the best and explore opportunities to take them from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty that you shouldn’t spend so much on yourself. It could be as small as a weekend or a week. Don’t get worried about the kids or how they will cope when you’re away, put a plan in place that will work for that period. You’ll be glad when you get back.

Alone With Your Spouse

Remember the days you were dating each other, nothing mattered in the world. You couldn’t wait to spend time together, you enjoyed each other’s company. But then, after the kids came, the dynamics of your relationship changed. You got caught up in raising the kids, he’s pursuing his career and his hobbies and there isn’t any connection between you both apart from sharing the same last name and a roof over your head. Any surprise when your relationship begins to go south? If you don’t put it in your year plan, book the hotels, flights, you will always have a reason to reschedule and not even make it happen. It’s great to have that uninterrupted time to reconnect again, renew your commitment to each other and plan ahead for your marriage and kids. It’s a time to switch off your phones and the social media and just concentrate on each other. Go to a place you can get involved in lots of outdoor activities as well. I bet when you return, you can’t wait for the next trip

With Your Immediate Family

Family should be all about memories. If all you do for your family is the basic, pay the bill and that’s it, won’t it be boring? There’s nothing to look forward to, no excitement. It’ll be great if you all can go away to a location that has many options – things to do together, places to go. Planning a family holiday shouldn’t be done overnight. Ask yourself what you want to achieve at the end of the trip. You want your family inspired and motivated on return. Spend time on the Internet exploring options to get the most for your family. Don’t go to Dubai because everyone’s going there or you think it will be a good place for you to shop. If possible, ask for everyone’s opinion about the best location for this holiday. After a busy year of not spending time with your family and chasing your career or business goals, ensure this holiday is quality time. Take lots of pictures together and spend time learning about each other.

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