Chief Nike Davies is Reviving Global Interest in Nigerian Culture, Arts & Textile| Her Collection “The Power of One Woman” Currently Exhibiting in London



Davies-Okundaye is a well-known artist and adire revivalist. Tagged the Woman with the artistic brush, Nike Davies has done a lot to revive interest in Nigerian culture, arts and fabric. In her quest, Chief Nike has built art centers offering free courses for young Nigerians to learn traditional arts and crafts.

Once again, she is taking Nigerian textile and art to broader audience but this time in an exhibition.The exhibition is currently taking place at the Gallery of African Art GAFRA in London. The exhibition is tagged “The Power of One Woman”.

The Power of One Woman features early pen and ink works, delicate watercolours, acrylics, jewellery and Adire textiles by the legendary artist.

She is known to spot a modern approach to traditional themes in her colourful batik and paintings.

The Power of One Woman also spots some portraits of Chief Nike by Joanna Lipper. Lipper who first photographed Chief Nike Okundaye-Davies in Oshogbo, Nigeria, in 2010.

Lipper speaks on the ideas behind her portraits of Chief Nike in interview with BBC; I wanted my photographs to reflect how Nike defines her status not through marriage or lineage as is the status quo in so many traditional, patriarchal cultures all around the world – but on the basis of her own artistic achievements, her independent professional identity and the resulting income that she herself has control over.







Nike Davies-Okundaye ‘The Power of One Woman’ Featuring photographs by Joanna Lipper will run from 10th December 2015 – 6th February 2016 at GAFRA www.

Opening times: Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm and Saturday, 11am-5pm

Admission: free

Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), 45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL

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1 Comment

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