How Do You Leave Your Emotional Baggage Behind?




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Segilola met Tunji on an arranged date about 4 months ago. Their mutual friends had set them up because they both seemed to have similar emotional wants and needs. Both were in their late thirties with previously failed marriages under their belts. Both had 2 kids each from their marriages and had grieved enough and were ready to mingle.

The arranged date went better than they both expected and they had no problems exchanging numbers.

Text messages flew back and forth between the pair with frequent calls just to check up on each other. Soon a relationship blossomed to the delight of their mutual friends.

On a Saturday morning, 2 months into their relationship, Tunji had cause to dash out to an unscheduled business meeting thereby leaving Segilola in his terraced house. Segilola had already started the process of cooking egusi and fish stew and it didn’t make any sense to hurry her out.

After cooking, for lack of what to do, Segilola wandered around the house and into Tunji’s closet. Opening it she discovered a female travelling bag similar to her overnight bag with some casual clothes and underwear in it. The bag didn’t look like it had been there for a while so Segilola concluded that the owner had stayed over very recently at Tunji’s house.

The realisation that Tunji might not be all she thought he was hurt her and she couldn’t help but remember how her ex-husband had cheated on her with several women. She concluded that Tunji was 2 timing and suddenly she couldn’t wait to leave Tunji’s house but she had no one to drop the keys for so wait she had to.

Tunji arrived some hours later and happily wolfed down the lunch Segilola had already laid on the table. He noticed Segilola was withdrawn but he felt it was due to being left alone for so long.

Segilola excused herself to use the restroom and while gone a text message came in “should I pick you up now” it read, from Babasola.

Tunji felt a jab and goosebumps appeared all over him for at that moment he remembered reading a similar text years back on his wife’s phone. Can Segilola be cheating he wondered.

Segilola returned from the restroom and sat opposite Tunji. The romance that had been present when they woke up that morning was long gone. In its place doubt and uncertainty reigned. Segilola made her excuses, got her packed overnight bag and left. Tunji made no move to stop her. He instead walked to the window and watched her get into a stunning white Bentley.*****

How does one cleanse their mind from the distrust, doubt and other negative symptoms of a failed relationship? How do you start afresh without bringing in the baggage from your old relationship?

Writer – MFA blogs at a blog that focuses mainly on inspiration and motivation. On the blog you will find posts that aim to stimulate self-evaluation towards affecting positive change in your relationships and life in general.

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1 Comment

1 Comment



    February 8, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    I believe that the best solution is communication, talking out ones feeling helps to solve problems but keeping quite make issues worse.

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