Why Do Women Abandon Their Single Friends After Marriage?



I wish I knew a better way to rephrase this question.  You have seen many married people slowly cut ties with their single friends. Is it just natural that they instantly cease to have things in common or is it a society expectation? It is common among ladies. Some friends even cut ties with their friends once they have a boyfriend! Common b o y f r i e n d !!!

Some own’t even invite their single friends to their weddings or when they do, the single ones are made to wear a different type of asoebi as though they are wild animals that the wedding guests should be cautious of.

I guess single people are really wild animals.

I wouldn’t be asking if I haven’t been a victim.

A friend of mine got engaged 7 months ago and I was busy turning up and down for her. Her wedding is this coming Saturday and I noticed last night that she’s no longer on my BBM. I feel I don’t deserve it cos I respect people’s space a lot. No matter how close we were before you got hitched, I would respect your privacy once you start a family. I have never ever gone to the house of a married friend on my own volition and I am also quick to turn down invites once I sense that you are inviting me because you feel obligated to.

Phone calls or chats once in a blue moon will do for me, but there are still friends that will avoid any form of communication with you but run for advice from you as a single person that knows nothing when things get a bit rocky in their marriages. Some even go as far as looking for married friends pen pals on blogs and social networks like they didn’t make their bed.

Since this is now the in-thing, my new motto is – “Cut the engaged ones off before they cut you!”


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