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Dear Naija Women, These Are Conversations We Shouldn’t Have In 2016



I enjoy conversing. Debates, purposeful arguments on policy, state of the nation and societal dynamics. But as much as these types of conversations can be useful, certain types of conversation can be repetitive and retrogressive.

As much as social media and other platforms has given many of us opportunities to challenge and discuss our opinions, we seem to be stuck in the same old conversations- going round in never ending circles without anyone pointing us to solutions or even more enabling types of conversations that empower, expand narratives and create new opportunities.

That’s why today’s vlog looks at conversations we shouldn’t have in 2016- no more body, single woman and any other kind of shaming. Let’s wave a happy good bye to negativity towards fellow women, unpurposeful spending and questioning our sense of self worth. Instead lets embrace conversations which celebrate our various body types, empower us to dream bigger and be better.

What conversations are you tired of having? How can we improve and have more meaning conversations?


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