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“They Had To Shave His Head Just To Get A Vein!” Adediwura Gold Charts The Touching Timeline From Her Son’s Conception To His 10th Birthday



Adediwura ‘Blarkgold’ Adesegha is a well-known face in Yoruba movies. Her son recently turned 10 years old and she charted the timeline of his conception till his present age in an interview. Some of the details are pretty touching.


The Pregnancy

When I got married to his dad, I actually wasn’t prepared to get pregnant like okay after marriage you should get pregnant you know but as soon we had it, I got pregnant and I didn’t feel any sign of pregnancy, like there was no symptoms at all but I felt that I was pregnant. So I went for test and it was positive. But all along, there was no symptoms at all, I wasn’t sleeping like pregnant women do, everything well for me until the 7th month. At a point, my mum was a little bit scared, she told me to go for scan that probably it could be Fibroid or something, maybe there is no child. But when I did the scan, they discovered I had a child in there but I was very strong, let me just put it that I had double power then. During the 7th month, that was when the whole thing dawned on me and that was when the sickness came, I was very sick for like one month. I was in 300 Level in Lagos State University (LASU) and I was writing my exam then and I couldn’t really concentrate. That was when I had my carry over. At the end of the day, I was very joyful because I had my son and I watched him grow and that gives me joy.


How She Gave Birth to Him

It got me midnight around 1am, I felt a little bit uncomfortable within me and I called my husband like “Come see, I don’t know how I’m feeling”. Actually, the date was giving to me that the EDD, so have been expecting that okay I would have my child but I didn’t know that was the time. So, I had to carry the bible, place it on my tummy, I started feeling uncomfortable. It would go for five minutes, come back after five minutes. But it was mid night and my husband said you would have to chill a little bit and I said fine, nothing is wrong with me, I’m just feeling uncomfortable. But after about one hour, I couldn’t hold on again and we had to go to the hospital. He didn’t take me in his car. You know what, I had been reading about child labour that if you wana give birth, you have to do exercise and all that. So, I told my husband, let me trek to the hospital. It was not very from my house though. I said let me trek, I want to exercise my body, so that when I get to the hospital, I would just deliver the baby. Unfortunately for me though, I laboured for 16 hours from that 1 AM. So, I kept praying, screaming, crying and at that time, I believed in God so much, so I started calling Jesus, Allah, everything all together. So God be the glory, I had my child.


The Scariest Moment Since His Birth

During his six months, he fell very sick, it was a terrible one and I thought I was going to lose him because when we got to general hospital, they rejected him, asking why we brought him in this late. We later took him to another hospital and they were like it was a 50-50 chance. They admitted him and they had to shave his head just to get a vein. They gave him injections and drips and he was a little bit okay for like two to three days but after then, there were no changes at all and he became so thin that I could count his ribs. I now said God, this son is gone, and so I started crying, panicking. I even panicked to the extent that I even suggested taking him home because there was no changes at all and if he was going to die, I want him to die at home and in my arms. So my husband said okay let’s take him to another hospital and so we did and he was there for two weeks. After two weeks, he now dipped a finger in his mouth and held on it with his teeth and I taught he was gone. So I called on the nurse and told her to pack him that he was gone but the nurse just stood there looking at me and shaking. And then the doctor came and other nurses came too and they tried to save him, gave him injections, poured water on him. I was hopeless, I thought I had lost him because he started having pores, his skin was peeling. At six month, that was a big one for me.

Parents use different methods to correct their children… Do you believe in flogging a child for correction? How do you correct him when he misbehaves?


How She Disciplines Him

I only talk to him. He is my best friend, my best companion ever. I talk to him as a friend. You know, you can’t beat or scold your friend, you can only argue and then talk about it. So anytime he does anything that is wrong, I call him and ask why he did such a thing and let him why he has to stop doing such a thing. I don’t have a cane in the house and have never beaten him.


What She Wants Him to be In Future


We all have wishes and dreams for our kids but anytime I ask him what he wants to become, he would tell me he wants to become an actor, I said “Why actor” and he said “but, you too you are acting now” and everyone knows you as AdediwuraBlarkgold but I told him “No, oo I don’t want you to become an actor”. But, he just got into secondary school, so whenever I ask him now, he would say “mummy am trying to figure it out, when am 15 or 18, I would tell you”. But, generally, we all wish our children success, which is the ultimate of it.


Does She Plan to Have More Children After Him?

Like I told you, I’m still scared but hopeful. I actually wanted to have child when he clocked 8 years but I said okay, let me add two years to it. And now he is 10 and I think he should be looking forward to a child from me soon. I pray to have two children, so just one more and I want a girl.


H/T Goldmyne TV

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