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6 Ways To Save Money In This ‘Dollars Don Cost’ Nigerian Economy



By Miss Nneka

So I went on my usual beauty products shopping to replenish the items I had run out of and I actually screamed when I saw my bill! It had doubled from the last time I shopped those same items. I was already at the counter and all I could mutter was “why?” and the response I got was “Dollar.”

The truth is that no one can blame any seller for the increase in prices especially when the sources of many of these products are outside Nigeria. If you’re like me and your income is still the same but prices keep spiking, girl you need to start shopping smart because no one can accurately predict when things will return to normal. Here are 6 beauty swaps I think you should make if you’re feeling the heat.

Dump the expensive weaves for short hair and braids: We all know how good quality weaves could be. While these weaves are gorgeous, your bank account might not think so. Give short weave cuts and braids a shot. They are edgy and beautiful. Rumour has it that guys actually prefer them.

Ditch your Mac and other expensive ones for more affordable ones: Quite honestly, I think many people start using many expensive beauty brands because everyone says they’re better. If you aren’t convinced or seeing any real difference between them and other more affordable brands, you should switch. I use Milani and it is great and affordable too.

Dump Asos and the rest for Konga and Jumia: I haven’t done any shopping from any foreign site in a while because all those good deals I was supposedly getting are not so wonderful anymore with the current exchange rates. You probably should start sourcing locally too. Feel free to keep using your regular foreign sites if you can still afford them.

Ditch Kellogg’s for Nasco: My favourite cereal is cornflakes, Nasco cornflakes actually so it isn’t so hard for me to say goodbye to Kellogg’s.

Quit those expensive facial wipes for baby wipes: Wipes are wipes. They don’t have to have some fancy name. Baby wipes will work just fine. It’s better value for your money actually.

Hold on the overpriced smoothies, make yours at home: If you have ever made your own smoothie at home, you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s easy and trust me when I say you’ll spend over 50% less. Just buy the Shake n Take smoothie maker from Konga.com for less than 6k and you’re good.

The plan is not to stop anyone from splurging but if you actually do the math of your monthly spending and compare it to what it was before the Naira went down, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. “Little” cut backs here and there will help you stay on top of the situation. It’s time to start shopping smart people!


Writer – Miss Nneka is a Content Marketing professional and a Lifestyle Blogger. She curates lifestyle information, solution, inspiration and humour on her blog Yellowbug Lifestyle and on twitter @YellowBugBlog

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