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Real Woman, Real Issues: My Widow Neighbour Is Using My Husband To Fill An Emotional Vacuum



Dear Woman.NG Readers,

Our neighbour died six months ago leaving his wife and one child behind.

To the best of my abilities I have been supportive and helpful to her. My job demands that I travel a lot but anytime I am around I make sure to spend some time with her and her child. We are not friends, but we have been able to maintain a cordial relationship since we have been living together.

Recently I started noticing her strong attachment to my husband, she is always calling him to come over and fix the different household problems despite the fact that she has two domestic helps. She now also runs every single decision she makes by him, even decisions about her children. (I went through his phone and saw their chats)

I also got to know through our housekeeper that she now comes over to my house whenever I travel. She and my husband have watched movies, gone grocery shopping together and even cooked together one night. This is a woman that rarely enters my house when I am around!

My hubby doesn’t seem to see anything wrong in all of these, he says its just friendship and thinks he is helping a helpless widow.

I don’t want to be un-neighbourly to a widow but I think she is using my husband to fill an emotional vacuum and I don’t know what to do! E gba mi o!


– From Mrs Leave My Husband Alone

1 Comment

1 Comment



    April 29, 2016 at 9:16 am

    My dear I will advice not to take it likely with her anymore. Go make an open confrontation, and order her to stay far off ur hubby. She has just one thing in mind which is, to steal ur man o….be watchful..

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