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Your Dreams Are Valid Too! Watch These Women Share Their Amazing Dreams With The World On International Women’s Day



Today is International women’s day and we are so excited!

It’s that day everyone remembers to celebrate the woman.

Let’s hold hands and take this opportunity to remind ourselves that our dreams will come true!

Believe it, wait for it and most importantly work for it!

Lupita Nyongo in a speech where she was accepting one of her numerous awards made this statement- No matter who you are, your dreams are valid.

Don’t get discouraged if anyone laughs at your dreams and plans, your dreams are valid!

Sometimes it takes time, sometimes unbelievable work, but if you keep at it, your dreams will come true.

I was watching CNN this morning and a programme that celebrates African women came up

Rita Dominic was one of the women featured.

She said when she was growing up, people would ask what she wants to study in school and she would say theatre arts. People laughed at her dream – it didn’t seem valid to them. Now they know better.

Your dreams will come true!

Write your dreams down.

Draw an actionable, step-by-step plan.

Work like your life depends on it.

Keep going when it gets really tough.

And watch with amazement as your dreams begin to become your reality.

Yes, believe us when we say your dreams will come true!

Take a look at these women as they share their dreams!

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