12 Things Every Naija Woman Entrepreneur Can Learn From Ehime Eigbe, Founder Of Sweet Kiwi


 sweet kiwi ehime

Ehime Eigbe is the founder of Sweet Kiwi,  a premium frozen yogurt shop.

In 2012, she left her job with Citigroup in Dallas,Texas to start her company in Nigeria.Years later, she has established Sweet Kiwi as a leading premium yoghurt shop in Nigeria.

She has definitely gathered enough wisdom that upcoming entrepreneurs would find useful.

Here’s 12 nuggets of business wisdom we have learned from reading her various interviews/profiles on Whoot Africa, Bella Naija, AWP Network and Stephanie Obi

Be Fearless

“Be fearless in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire’. It will not be easy but it will be worth it, you just have to hang in there, be selfless and dedicated.”

Have a Plan

“ A lesson I have learnt is to always have a plan and be a good fireman or firewoman as you spend your days putting out fires

Personal Skills You Will Need to Succeed in Business

“Diplomacy, Strategy, vision, timeliness and most importantly passion”

Start Your Business on a good Foundation

‘Deep roots are not reached by the frost.’ Start your business with a good foundation and do things the right way. There is no short cuts to success, young people want everything now and therein lays the problem; Building a strong business takes time especially in this environment. It is hard but not impossible, when things are done correctly from the start, when trials come as they always will, your foundation will withstand the storm.”

Money is not everything

“Money is not everything and sometimes you do not always need money to start.  I find that you are most creative when you lack funding. Not having funds forces you to think about new ways to achieve your business goals.”

Be Strong!
“Doing business in Nigeria is tough so you have to be strong as well. I have learnt to be STRONG.”

 Just Do IT!

Keep working hard, keep the focus, keep the vision alive. Do NOT wait for all the tools you need to be available before you decide to pursue your dreams. JUST DO IT!

Persevere and be determined to achieve your goals.

Plan for every possible scenario.

Be financially cautious and have the habit of saving your money.

Do your market research and understand your sector deeply before delving in.

Do not be afraid to fail, make the decision to learn from your mistakes.


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