Adeola Fayehun Shines The Light On What It Is Like Being A Female Political Journalist In Nigeria



Some call her Nigeria’s Jon Stewart, others  simply know her as Adeola Fayehun the host of Keeping it Real With Adeola Fayehun.

With her show, Adeola has been commenting on and inciting positive change in the Nigerian political scene.

Remember that viral video where a lady journalist in Abuja kept asking visiting President Mugabe when he would be vacating the long-occupied presidential sit of his country?

Yes that was Adeola.

She did not just decide to be vocal that day. She has always been vocal. Since 2011, she has run her show on political commentary where she regularly addresses issues a lot of African journalists would avoid

  • She started Keeping It Real With Adeola in 2011 for SaharaTV, an independent African news organization. In 2015 she won the “Best One Woman Show award” at the CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism. The category was specifically created for her. She was inspired by watching Femi Oke, a journalist on Inside Africa CNN.

Read What She Has to Say About Being a Female Political Journalist in Nigeria in an interview with Lenny Letter

I find it exciting, being a woman. Especially because it pisses a lot of people off, yay! I feel like I’ve had to earn respect to talk about some things that I talk about, because a lot of people have the mentality of You’re a woman, what do women know about politics? Can you believe it? There’s still a lot of people that are conservative when it comes to what women can do and cannot do. It doesn’t mean they’re not exposed, it doesn’t mean they’re not well-read or educated, it’s just that they’re not used to women doing some things.

The other thing is, some Nigerian men, when they don’t like what you’re talking about, they call you a prostitute. I just laugh. But to be honest, I feel like a lot of people have gradually warmed up to me. I would get emails from people that you least expect and they talk about how much they enjoy the show. Some people would even write that they didn’t know that Yoruba women — I’m a Yoruba — can be that smart.

I always find that amusing because it tells me these people have been stereotyping, especially based on a tribe, where you’re from. I always think, If only they knew how many women think like this, they would be shocked. When they write good things today, fine. When they cuss me out tomorrow, fine. I’ve had a number of people that send me really, really nasty messages and cuss me out, and then after some months the same people will write me back and be like, I’m sorry about what I wrote earlier. I’m like, that’s fine. I don’t take anything personal. People change. They change their minds.



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