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Be Careful Who You Listen To…. This Woman Learned The Hard Way


Last week, I was on the phone with my friend from Ilorin for over an hour. We talked about many things,
chief among them were our marriage challenges and our mutual friend’s mother-in-law issues. One
thing we both concluded on is – mother-in-laws can never truly accept the son’s wife as their own
daughter, there will always be a discrimination, however little or unplanned.

We thought we had discovered the truth to this mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law saga, until I heard
something that changed my perspective on the whole issue.

I was listening to the last week episode of Sunlight’s ‪#‎Alarambara‬ leisurely on radio (see attached image
for stations and schedules), not knowing that there was an important lesson waiting for me.

The episode featured a young wife who is a new mum of twins who had eagerly expected her mother-
in-law’s arrival to relieve her of the stress of caring for two babies. But surprisingly when the mother-in-
law arrived, the young wife prevented her mother in-law from touching her babies freely or even
cooking any food.
The mother-in-law felt really bad and was considering going back to her village.

What happened to the new wife who was all so loving at first?
She had been fed with stories by her friends and her mind had become poisoned against her mother-in-
law who has not done nothing whatsoever to harm or undermine her.

The lesson for me here is that sometimes mother-in-laws can truly come with an open heart to love and
to care, but because we have heard so many stories from other women, we close our heart and judge
them based on what other mother-in-laws have done.

We also need to be ready to accept them as our mothers. If she was her mother would she let stories
from her friends affect how she relates with her?


You can listen to the complete episode here.

And Like Sunlight’s page to follow the Alarambara show here.

I will like to hear your opinion about this, let’s talk about it!


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