Debo Adebayo Is Changing The Way Nigerian Kids Eat With Tomi’s Treat – Nigeria’s First Organic Food Company


tomis treat Mrs Debo

Debo Adebayo is proof that there is absolutely no excuse good enough to stop any woman who wants to start a business

When she started her company Tomi’s Treat, everything was less than perfect.

Kids? Check – she has three

Know-how? – She studied Chartered Chemical Engineer and previously to Tomi’s Treats had worked in the Oil & Gas industry.

It would seem all odds were stacked against her but Debo did not even notice them.

To start with, Debo has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She was however not sure in what capacity. One thing was certain however- she wanted it to be connected to kids.

Soon a chance presented itself when she visited Africa with her child Tomi.

She searched high and low for organic food but could find none. That was when the spark got lit in her head.

She wanted to start an organic food company and she did! More interestingly she named the business after her son.


She kicked off operations and soon the same retail outlets that were not sure the Nigerian market was ready for her products are now the ones pushing to do business with her.

Her long – term vision is to source and manufacture her product in the African region.


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