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Lola OJ Discusses Everything You Need To Know About Hyperpigmentation And Two Natural Items To Treat It



Don’t we all just hate those spots on our faces.

In her latest video, Lola Oj (Read Lola Oj talk about how she started her business here) talks about hyperpigmentation with Dr Vivian Oputa who is a dermatologist

Dr Vivian explains the reason black people have the worst form of  hyperpigmentation. According to her, black people suffer from the worst type of hyperpigmentation because we have more melanin. However, the up side is that it protects our skin so “black dont crack”

She also addresses the common case of  black rings around the eye.

According to Dr Oputa, it is a result of our skin reacting to something-  eitherover-exposure to sun or harsh products. This is  because the skin around there is prone to assault and injury.


She also says that it is worsened if you use products that thin out the skin like harsh beaching products.


How do we then avoid hyperpigmentation?

She says we should avoid picking at our face. We should also look after our skin to prevent beakouts

When asked what affordable, easily accessible product we can try out, she suggests Lemon juice and honey.

Watch the informative video


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