It Happened To Me

The Joys of Street Harassment



Written By Toby A

I had somewhere to be this afternoon. Instead of going by motorcycle (the most common means of transport where I am) and being at my destination in 3 minutes, I decided to take the 13-minute walk, get some fresh air and exercise. Looking nice and casual, I walked through my neighbourhood, slowing down every so often to see which shops were newly opened, and to look at the pretty wares on display. I let my brain go on auto-pilot, thinking about nothing in particular.

My reverie was interrupted by a hissing sound. Pssst! Usually, I ignore any hissing or calling sounds, responding only to an Excuse me or a Hello. This pssst as so insistent, the young lady walking in front of me turned to see, and quickly walked on. Pssst! Pssst! I turned. It was a man across the street. I gestured, what? He motioned to me to come over.

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that a random scruffy dude expected me to abandon wherever I was headed and cross the street, so he could talk to me.

Writer: Toby A. is a freelance writer and blogger for hire, with an interest in blog posts, Web content, lifestyle and health. In her spare time, she watches TV like everyone else. Visit her website and connect with her on twitter @tobys_words


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