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We Are Completely Heart Broken By What Is Revealed To Be The Best Hairstyle For Black Women!



Forget speculations by different hairstylists .

‘Medically’ what hairstyle should black women wear?

Well John Hopkins researchers have come up with some findings that you will find interesting!

First they have found out what hairstyles causes permanent hair loss. Apparently,  hairstyles like weaves, braids and hair extensions are the main culprits.

Then they looked into the longest you should leave your weave or braids  in.

According to them- it is wrong to leave your weaves in for more than three to four weeks or your braids for more that two to three months.

Other practices that may lead to hair loss include affixing extensions with adhesive glue directly on the scalp. When the glued hair is finally being pulled out, it takes  some part of your hair

“Chemical Straightening”- Aka using relaxers  causes hair breakage. This is because this weakens the hair shaft.

So what are the best hairstyles to avoid hair loss?

According to the results of the John Hopkins research, your best bet is to leave your hair natural and unprocessed.That way you are less likely to suffer from hair loss.

Also try out low-tension hairstyles such as loose buns, and loose-hanging styles, such as wearing the hair down, as well as practices that decrease the amount of friction on the hair and scalp.

While we agree that the natural hair rocks, we wish a sister we can wear weaves, braids and whatever else we want without any damage to our hair!

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