What Omoni Oboli And Monalisa Chinda’s Kids Have To Say About Them Will Make Any Mother Proud!


Children’s day is around the corner and two of Our favourite actresses- Omoni Oboli and Monalisa Chinda open up their relationship with their kids.

In an interview with Punch, we get a glimpse into their lives and their children.

omoni oboli christmas tree

Actress Omoni Oboli is a mother of three handsome boys  – Chizi, Tobe and Gozzi
Chizi Oboli had an interesting answer when asked which of his parents is his favourite, he says:
“I don’t know; maybe my mum, because she pampers me more.”

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Gozi Oboli on the other hand does not have a favourite… “None. I love both of them.”

Tobe, the oldest of Omoni’s boys on what it feels like to have a famous mother:
“I don’t see her as a famous mum. I see her as my mum. My friends don’t behave different to me because of it. Everything is the same. I mean, they talk about it sometimes but we don’t dwell on it.”

His favourite
“I can’t say. They’re different, and they both treat us differently. I love my mum and my dad for their differences. I don’t expect my mum to be my dad or my dad to be my mum.”

Omoni on who is the stricter parent between her and her husband:
“My husband. He is on them like a man protects his daughters. He believes that the men have been neglected as boys, but the world expects them to behave with the highest standards without any training, and that has been the disconnect with the men, when they finally become husbands. Men raise men. Boys don’t raise men.”


Monalisa Chinda has a cute daughter – Tamarlily Dejo- Richard.
Monalisa says her daughter shares similarities with her… “She does actually! She possesses and displays artistic prowess to a degree that amazes me, and I pray God helps me to help her channel it right.”

Tamarlily talks about having a famous mother.
“It feels wonderful to know that my mother is famous. People always bless me with money and gifts and no, I am not treated specially at school because of that. They only whisper, ‘Hey, look, that is Monalisa Chinda’s daughter, they look alike’ and they take photos of me, especially in church, so I am famous.”

What She Loves Most About Her Mother
“My mother loves everything she does. She works so hard to pay my fees, buy me dresses and keeps me happy. I love that we pray every night; even when she travels and is not at home, we still pray. She anoints my head with anointing oil. She is hard sometimes. My mum is my best friend any day.”



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