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Caterer And Food Vendors Share How They Are Responding To The Hike In Tomato Price


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How has the hike in tomato price been treating you?

One of my relatives called me yesterday and said – “Josephine, we are cooking fried rice for the party.”

Bewildered, I asked her – “Why?” (we had earlier agreed on Jollof Rice).

She responded – “Girl! Are you not seeing how expensive tomatoes is?!”

Many individuals and families have had to make adjustments with recipes or substitute entire meals. Thank you almighty tomato!

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Those in the food business are feeling the effect more than most. A few women talked with Vanguard’s Josephine Agbonkhese about how to are responding.

Mrs Olabisi Oluwatoyin Moradeyo, an outdoor caterer has decided not to even bother about it – she now tells the clients to buy their ingredients themselves.

“I simply ask my clients to buy their ingredients themselves while I just come to do the cooking.I simply don’t know any other way of coping at a time like this. How can one buy tomatoes and pepper worth over N100,000? Will any body holding a party pay for that?”


Another Local food vendor said she now uses more pepper than tomatoes in her stew and her customers complain a lot.

“Even though it’s a general problem, some customers have been very difficult. I try as much as possible to buy and add a bit of fresh tomatoes to my stew which is now essentially dried-pepper based but you still hear them complain. One of them almost fought me last week for not adding to his stew when he asked me to. I wonder for how long this is going to last. Some customers have even stopped coming due to the peppery stew I now make; they say it’s not good for their health.”


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