How Omoni Oboli’s Movies Became Sold-Out Box Office Successes Back-To-Back



Due to the successful run of Wives on Strike at the box office, Award winning Nollywood actress and director, Omoni Oboli, is expressing her heartfelt attitude to the people who she believes have helped her achieved this success – her fans!

The movie which has grossed over 60 million after the first four weeks, has made Omoni the all-time number one Nollywood box-office queen.

According to Broadway Africa, with movie features and productions in Figurine, Anchor Baby, Being Mrs Elliot, The First Lady, Fifty and now Wives on Strike, Omoni has further increased her lead over the nearest actor by a wider margin as her cumulative returns now stands at over N228 000 000 from the cinemas, making her the overall number one box office queen.

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Omoni has released a statement via BBB Media to thank all her fans, critics and industry supporters.

She wrote:

“I am very grateful for the immense support you have shown me. This did not come as a result of only the effort on my part, but a divine favour from God who looked upon me with grace and favour and made it possible for my movies to find acceptance with the diverse audiences across Nigeria, Ghana and abroad. I can’t thank the fans enough for coming out in droves to not only sit and watch my movies, but also to go out of their way to convince others to watch my movies, so that they have become sold-out box office successes back-to-back. I’m also grateful for the endorsement deals and fabulous movie deals I’ve gotten because of your patronage. Also, I do not take it lightly when I say that my family has been so supportive, and the backbone of my career, so that I’m able to joggle both work and family without missing a beat. I have enjoyed great support from my fans, friends and colleagues in this industry. Many have done me favours without expecting anything in return, so that my success has become the success of the industry. The success of Wives on Strike is made possible by over 70, 000 people so far! Wow! These are people I have never met before going around telling others about the movie. To all of these I am grateful. To those who keep giving me support in the industry, I thank you. I can never thank the media, blogs and critics enough. They all contribute to making this brand what it is today. Thank you.”


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