The Many Advantages Of Marrying Young


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By Buki Alamu

So, I wanted to start this week with a round table discussion, more like, with you all on the subject ‘The Advantages of marrying young’. I don’t have all the answers and that is why I’m opening this up to be a round table discussion, so please, humor me and let’s educate ourselves.

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Some of the obvious benefits of marrying young are

    1. Having the love, interest and time for your partner before other priorities takes over you
    2. Having babies early, or at least trying early enough
    3. Having the strength and agility to raise and engage your kids when they are young
    4. Growing, learning and coming into being perfect quicker with your partner
    5. Women have the advantage of getting their shapely body back quicker after kids as opposed to in an older age, or at least so I heard
    6. Growing into maturity and taking responsibility early
    7. You have an early indication of a where your marriage is headed and you can quickly re-align your plans
    8. You’ll have an easier time navigating your 20s, and can be more successful in reaching your professional and academic goals.


The list, I think is endless and it comes in no particular order. Please feel free to add your thoughts to the list, perhaps something I missed out.

There are some common fallacies in our society about people marrying young that need not necessarily be the case. For instance

1. It won’t last Age is no guarantee of maturity, and youth is no guarantee of a divorce. Keep that in mind

2. Youthful nuptials do not necessarily mean the girl  was/is pregnant

3. Change in status does not mean your life is now perfect – Don’t lead your single friends to believe husbands fix everything. A lot of singles have this misconception. IT IS A BIG LIE! Don’t let your married friends tell you their husbands can fix the recession, job market, or money woes.

So, the floor is open. Let me know your thoughts, advantages, disadvantages, fallacies and whatever on marrying young. We might just be helping someone reading this.




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