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Help! My Inter-tribal Marriage Is Being Rocked By Language Barier | Please Read Before You Comment

Image - Seun Kilanko

Image – Seun Kilanko


I am in an inter-tribal marriage. My husband is out of town a lot and his teenage cousin lives in our house.

I do not speak or understand their local language, but every time my brother in law comes around, he is always speaking with the cousin in their local language. So, I become the stranger in the house.

I’ve tried many times to politely tell him to converse in a language everyone understands. I tried to get my husband to talk to him about it too. He never listens.

Recently, I had to put my foot down and insist that as long as he is under MY roof, he has to play by MY rules, and speak a language everyone else understands. Now, it’s causing ruckus with me and some of my in-laws. I am being labelled ‘Intolerant!’

Help me here please. Have I asked for too much?

Am I being overly – dramatic?

Is there there a better way to have handled this?

What can I do from here on?

Your honest views and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

– From an anonymous reader.


1 Comment

1 Comment


    Mrs matt.

    August 17, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Yes, u are doing it the wrong way.I am also married to a man I dont understand his native language but am not having issues becos they are accommodating and ready to teach n i am learning and also free with them irrespective of the language they speak when I am there. They even bought me a book. Most times they speak the language to me n we joke about it n I learn. See, even people that u understand they language can kill or not luv u at all.Just open ur heart n ask God to give uvthe grace to learn n know what u need to know, more importanly show u things u do not know. I hope this helps.

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