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How An Undiagnosed Condition Has Left 19-year-old Rahma Haruna Living In A Plastic Bucket

Rahma and brother

Photo: Sani Maikatanga/Barcroft Images

Rahma Haruna, was perfectly healthy as a baby until she started learning how to sit at six months. She came down with a fever and stomach pains and could not learn how to crawl. Doctors also noticed she had mysteriously stopped hitting key developmental milestones, but could not diagnose what was wrong with her. After the sickness, her arms and legs stopped growing.

Now 19, she is confined to living in a plastic bowl in Lahadin Makole, Kano because she can not walk or move around by herself. She spends most of her day being carried around by her 10-year-old brother and other family members to beg for donations on the streets.

Rahma’s plight was first brought to public light when a freelance photographer named Sani Maikatanga shared images of her online. The exposure made way for requests from strangers who wanted to help her in any way they could including the gifting her with a wheelchair.

Her Father, Hussaini, says he has spent many years and a lot of money searching for the cure but to no avail.

Rahma’s dream is to one day have her own business – a grocery store.


1 Comment

1 Comment


    Regina Effiong

    July 30, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Rahna has no other way of escape but in Christ. Let her parents carry her to the Winners Chapel church in Kano tomorrow which is our miracle service banquet. Anything is possible because we have prayed for God to do the impossible in the lives everyone that needs it and also give everyone a rod for signs and wonders.

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