Let Eno Mfon Show You The Best Way To Silence Those Who Think There Is No Space For You!



Eno Mfon’s story proves that on your way to success and achieving your dreams, there will be many obstacles, and you can’t afford to give up.

Eno’s obstacle was in the form of a white lecturer who turned her down, saying there was no space for black writers on her course.

She however went on to write a play which saw the same lecturer pay to watch it. The play titled: ”Check the label”, explores the damaging effects of Eurocentric beauty standards’ and the distance this creates between women of colour.

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On what inspired her play, the young graduate of Bristol University, UK told Independent

“During my 2nd year, I decided to confront the experience of colourism and skin bleaching which permeates the black and Asian community. When I was growing up, I noticed visible changes in some of the women around me.

There were little signs that revealed the use of lightening cream. I knew how to spot the signs, but I never understood the wider implications of this; it was a taboo subject that no one dared to address. Through ‘Check the Label’, I attempted to say what many young black girls, including myself, once struggled to articulate.” 

After Ene’s post went viral, the Head of Theatre at the University, Dr Catherine Hindson, apologized to her about her negative experience and revealed that the university has made a strong commitment to increasing diversity and broadened out the curriculum significantly.

She also wrote via her Facebook page below:



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