Why All The Noise About Single Mums?



Have you noticed there’s a growing number of women referred as ‘single mums’? Many never planned to be one but life throws all sorts at you and you wake up one day and you’re struggling to cope with more than you planned for.  Let the truth be told, it’s tough being a single mum. With an identity crisis, you are constantly wearing hats you never thought you would.

Your kids empathize with you this moment, the next they blame you for not being there for them. One day, you’re glad give come this far, the next day, you feel like throwing in the towel and waking away from all you’ve struggled to build over the years. Everyone’s situation is unique and no one really understands what you’re going through.

We know single mums are really on their own, no one to pamper them, they have to pay the bills, cuddle their kids, stay up on a cold and lonely night wondering how they got into the mess they are in. Even though there’s lots of sympathy for single mums, do you realize there are ‘single mums’ who are married and live under the same roof with a guy who will not be bothered about raising his kids or meeting his responsibilities as a father.

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One wonders which one is worse, being a single mum or being married to someone and still taking up all the responsibilities and pretending all is well when you’re overwhelmed by the burden you’re carrying. Why all the noise about single mums when there are married women who:


Work While Their Husbands Remain Unemployed – there are so many women who bring the bacon home, they pay the bills, fuel the jeeps those spouses ride, pay for the asoebis their spouses wear to the wedding, even credit their ATMs so they can pay for the lunch at the restaurant so the kids won’t have a clue what’s going on. Many market women are working so hard to send their kids to school because left to their spouses, their kids might as well be dropouts


Pay The Bills While Their Spouses Take Care of Other Women – many women get married for companionship, they get married only to find out after a few months that the guy is done with them and has moved on. He earns his cash but doesn’t contribute to anything at home. He’d rather buy a new watch and phone for his girlfriend than pay for the electricity and water bills. He doesn’t see it as an issue and the woman struggles to keep the home.


Raise Their Kids Alone While Their Husbands Pursue Their Dream Careers – how many guys out there do more than the minimum required to pay the bills. They don’t attend school events or even know the names of their kids’ teachers. The society has defined roles and expects the woman to pick up the bulk of the work of raising the kids. Not only are single mums doing this alone, many regular mums wish they had a helping hand every now and then.


Abandon Their Dreams While They Raise Their Kids – it’s tough to keep up with the demands of a being a single mum. You want to be there for your kids and give them a great future like every other child, you might end up abandoning your dreams to make them stand out. Many women who are still married are making similar sacrifices if not more. Striking the right balance is important so you don’t wake up one day and your child has moved on while you’re stuck in the past.


Are Emotionally Disconnected From Their Spouses – everyone in town knows you’re married but you and your spouse don’t share more than a roof over your head and a surname. The months come and go as you regret ever bring stuck with this guy. You think of a divorce ever so often but you just stay put hoping things will change. There are lots of cold and lonely nights for many married women who don’t have a thriving relationship with their spouses.

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