7 Reasons Nigerian Mothers Should Consider Putting Their Babies In Boxes Instead Of Cots

Image credit: The Baby Box Company

Image credit: The Baby Box Company

The baby box was first introduced 75 years ago in Finland, it has been reported that the number of babies dying before their first birthday fell significantly since its introduction.

Since its successful story was widely reported some years ago, many countries have also looked into the promotion of baby boxes for new mothers.

The baby box usually has a matteress with fitted sheets and serves as the babies first bed until its about four months. The box is typically delivered to new mom along with many other essential items for their new born.

Below are some of the benefits some parents have listed:

1. It has been said that it reduces Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death or crib death

2. Mothers are able to attend to their babies’ needs during the night without getting up away from the bed, as the box can be placed on the floor next to the bed or even on the bed.

3. Using the box helped some parents to achieve letting their babies sleep separately from them on the bed

4. It takes up less space, especially if you live in a small apartment

5. It is can be more affordable than a COT or crib

6. You can move the box around the house easily while going about their daily routine. Baby can rest safely while you are busy cooking, and doing other hosuehold chores.

7. Once baby is too big for the Baby Box, it can be used as storage boxes, without the the stress of thinking of where to keep them like you would for a crib or cot.

Unfortunately we do not know of any company in Nigeria selling this now, but they can be bought online from other countries.

When buying a baby box, please ensure it has met all applicable international safety guidelines and is certified  non-toxic, environmentally safe  and eco-friendly.


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